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JET Summer Game Jam 2017 Entry - Bullet Spell

  • Mouse - Move Ship
  • Z - Letter Collection Laser (Collect-o-Matic 3000)
  • X - Letter Destroy Laser (The X-ecutor)

Letters are attacking! Destroy them before they hit or get past you using your X laser.

The only way to stop the invasion is by spelling words! Japanese words pop up at the bottom in Romaji - spell the English translation by shooting the letters in the correct order using your Z laser! 

I.e. If "inu" is displayed, you spell "dog"

Completing a word replenishes 1 armour. Spell 3 words correctly and you win!


My first game using Game Maker Studio, so a lot of rough stuff and messy code. Did the fantastic tutorial over at http://learn.heartbeast.co/, and decided that I would try and use what I learnt there and adjust that game-type into a teaching experience for the game jam. This was built from the ground up again, but a chunk of the basic code is edited from that tutorial, though a lot of it is original (letter checking, laser types etc). Letter spawn frequency needs major adjustment.


Almost all art and sound assets are from http://learn.heartbeast.co/

Not assets, but I listened to this pretty much exclusively - https://musicforprogramming.net/

To Add in the Future:

  • Own assets
  • Letter spawn frequency changes with the word you need to spell
  • Japanese text display for words
  • Ways of easily importing/adjusting vocabulary lists to aid teachers
  • No duplicates of words in the same playthrough
  • Powerups? Maybe?
  • Collection bar displays in same font as letters coming down
  • More polish and better everything


Bullet Spell JET Summer 2017 Game Jam.exe 16 MB
Source - JET Summer 2017 Game Bullet Spell.gmz 2 MB

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